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Lou Lou Bakes ...
it seemed like a good idea at the time...

Please don't call it my garage!  But if you do, know it's the coolest clubhouse ever - Martha Stewart would be proud.

After years of doing nothing more than talk about it and with a not so subtle nudge from well meaning, and no doubt hungry, friends and family to stop talking and start doing, I did. By Christmas of 2013 I'd cleared out the shovels and storm windows, farmed out the porch furniture to well meaning (and now somewhat obligated) neighbors and invested in the worlds best garage - or fully licensed commercial bakeshop as it from now will forever be known! 

And just like that Lou Lou Bakes was born!  From standing on the kitchen chair next to my mom and stiring the last bit of flour into the merry christmas cookie dough to picking and plucking and mashing and boiling pints and pints of strawberries for the greatest jam there will ever be and then onto the 52 week cookie project and finally the notion that I could bake up a much better holiday gift basket than Harry & David or Dean & Deluca.


Truly a labor of love that a times feels like a bit more than a hobby but never quite a job... bake on!

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